What happened to Senenmut?

Welcome to my new web site! A huge thank you to Monkey C Media in San Diego for building this incredible site for Professor Payne and his intrepid time travelers!

I have had limited experience with time travel. In 1977 my sixth grade class built a time machine and we recorded the events that followed. You can see the video on my website under The Series.

What happened to Senenmut? That is the question everyone keeps asking me. Senenmut is a fascinating figure in Egyptian history. During the reign of Hatsheput, he was a powerful man in her court. It is believed that he was the Pharaoh Queen’s lover, her daughter’s teacher and a very gifted architect. Senenmut is credited with supervising the construction of the Queen’s mortuary temple at Deir el-Bahri and the erection of the obelisks at the temple of Amun-Re, located at Karnak. He fell out of the Queen’s favor and disappeared during the final years of her reign.

Professor Payne is determined to find out what happened to the traitor…

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