The mummified remains of King Tut’s children

I like writing fiction! It doesn’t have to be based on facts!
However Professor Payne’s Intrepid Time Travelers is based on historical facts mixed with fiction for entertainment. As many of you know King Tutankhamen died a young man. It is believed he was around eighteen years old.
The reason this young man is famous has nothing to do with any outstanding achievements he accomplished in his short life. The only reason he continues to live on in history is the fact that his tomb was not discovered and vandalized for 3,000 years! It was discovered intact with its incredible treasures!
So when I started researching the boy king I was impressed with the artifacts that were discovered in his tomb. His coffin and death mask were covered in gold and precious jewels. Many of his belongings were buried with him to assist the young pharaoh in his journey to the afterlife. But what caught my attention was a wooden box. Inside this box were two small coffins. They had been placed there, head to foot, side by side.
Once opened it was discovered that each coffin had another coffin inside of it. They were covered with a gold foil. When the archeologists opened the coffins they found two tiny mummies. It is thought that the remains of King Tut’s still born twin babies had been discovered!
It is amazing that the mummies are decorated to depict the babies as adult with similar characteristics of other Pharaoh’s and their coffins. Explore to see images of the mummified remains of King Tutankhamen’s twin children!

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