And so it begins…

I’m just not a patient person. I finally finished Professor Payne’s Intrepid Time Travelers and wanted it published now, today, this minute…
I have learned that nothing moves quickly in the world of publishers. The hardest part is finding an agent. The query letter is your golden ticket. In a couple of short paragraphs you have to sell your book to a complete stranger. I have never written or published anything. I am novice.
And who wants to experiment with an unknown author?
So I decided to edit the book, indie publish it and even print it in paperback. I put together my business plan, made a few crucial decisions and finally put the book out to the public. Since I’m fairly certain I don’t have 1000 friends, I’m hopeful that a few “strangers” have read the book, perhaps enjoyed it?
If you are out there, I would love to hear from you!


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